Enterprise IoT Communication Platform

Cloud Connected Sensor Systems

Introducing Levaux Internet of Things Solution

The Levaux Internet of Things Solution (IoT) is a comprehensive technology stack of wireless mesh communications, C++ middleware, distributed grid computing in the cloud and embedded hardware. This IoT communication pipeline is an enterprise scalable turnkey solution for commanding sensors in real time from the cloud while extracting data. Actionable data which can be analysed and acted upon to build business intelligence, improving operational efficiency and productivity.

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Levaux IoT Architecture

Levaux IoT connects embedded smart objects to the cloud using our proprietary high speed middleware and custom wireless mesh stack.

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An embedded firmware code framework uniquely developed in conjunction with an industry leading wireless mesh stack optimised for ARM processors.


The fastest C++ middleware system ever developed using object-oriented RPC (remote procedure calls) methodology for the lowest latency.


Infrastructure of servers implemented using component based distributed grid computing architecture for massive scalability.

Levaux IoT at Work

Modern IoT communication systems are facilitating smart objects through connectivity giving them the opportunity to remotely process data, distributing the decision process, making the data more relevant. This connectivity opens up a world of possible applications. Applications that can be applied to enterprise situations for instrumentation, control, automation and tracking that can directly improve productivity and drive growth in your business.





Levaux IoT: Platform of the Future

The internet of things is about enabling intelligent devices. Real time interactions between machines requires an intelligent communication network. A network that can scale to accommodate the large deployments of future enterprise applications.


"50 billion new intelligent objects will be connected to the internet by 2020."


"The industrial internet will add US$60 trillion to world GDP through productivity increases."

Enterprise IoT Building Solution

Enterprise IoT Building Solution

The Levaux IoT solution is used as the communication framework for SenseAgent. SenseAgent is an enterprise, cloud based, building asset management system using wireless autonomous sensor agents embedded in and interacting within commercial spaces to provide a wealth of data. Data, which acted upon is used for lighting control, safety compliance, climate control and security tracking to optimise a buildings use, reduce energy consumption and operational expenses across geographically distributed assets.

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